Our Multi-Academy Trust is an organisation in which children, staff and parents should feel part of a caring, collaborative and excellent community.

We respect and value the individual nature and ethos of our schools while believing we are more effective when we work together and support each other.

  • We believe that successful schools are rooted in their local community.
  • We aim to celebrate spiritual and creative diversity, success, and lifelong learning.
  • We are inclusive and collaborative and promote a culture of openness and integrity.

In the Schools Bill published in May 2022 the government has been very clear that they want to see all schools joining an Academy Trust.

Since the creation of the Athelstan Trust in March 2015 we have had a clear strategic aim to grow the Trust in a cautious and considered way within our geographical area of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire. In the 5-year period that the Trust has been in existence it has grown from 1-5 schools with student numbers increasing from 1276- 4250. In line with the Schools Bill published in May 2022 we aim to grow towards a Trust of around 10 schools both primary and secondary.

The Athelstan Trust Members and Board of Trustees have approved the adoption of Church minority articles if a Voluntary Controlled School joins the Trust. We have had positive discussions with the local diocese who are supportive of our plans.

Trust Capacity for growth

We have the capacity to provide strong effective and efficient central services to all our existing schools and any potential partners.

  • We have a highly effective central finance team and a healthy, appropriate level of financial reserves.
  • As a Trust of 5 schools, we now access direct capital funding and have employed an experienced Head of Operations. We have a shared resource of site managers working across our schools. There is a programme of just under £1 million of capital works underway or planned this year.
  • We have a very strong central IT network team and are in the process of moving towards a central tenancy and mesh network that has the capacity to add new schools and provide a robust high quality IT platform.
  • We have a central HR team and a highly skilled Trust Governance professional.
  • We are committed to staff wellbeing with our free, confidential 24 -hour Employee Assistance Programme which offers counselling and other support.
  • We have a team of centrally employed School Improvements leads who have experience as SLEs in working across a number of schools. We deliver a central Trust CPD programme. We are working with local primary school senior staff.
  • We have a strong strategic partnership with the Mead Academy Trust that is a primary only Trust and an agreement in place to support each other with growth into either primary or secondary.

Where we are now

In line with the Schools Bill 2022 we believe that we meet the criteria of a ‘Strong Trust’

  • High Quality and Inclusive Education – We deliver a high-quality education across our academies, including for disadvantaged children and children with SEND.
  • School Improvement – There is clear evidence that we work quickly to improve standards within all our schools, transforming previously under performing schools, and maintaining appropriately performing schools.
  • Strategic Governance – The Trust operates an effective and robust governance structure that involves schools and exemplifies ethical standards as is evidenced by the recent external review of governance. The Trust engages effectively with parents and the wider community. We have strong Local Governing Bodies and a clear scheme of delegation.
  • Financial Management – The Trust is underpinned by strong and effective financial management, prioritising the use of resources, including the estate, to deliver the best educational experience for children. We maintain sufficient Trust reserves and have invested in increased staffing in all our schools. We have invested significantly in IT infrastructure and in capital projects.
  • Workforce – The Trust is the Southwest Flexible Working Ambassador and works with schools and Trusts across the region to support recruiting and retaining staff. The Trust trains, recruits, develops, deploys and retains great teachers and leaders throughout their careers.

If you are interested in talking to us about joining the Athelstan Trust, please contact us at:

Trust Office, Lowfield Road, Tetbury, GL8 8AE

01666 501084

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