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Athelstan Argus

         Trust Staff Newsletter

          Caring, collaborative and excellent

                                                                                                  July 2021

          Message from the CEO, Tim Gilson

                                    It  is  not  easy  to      networks  and  groups  of
                                    c a p t u r e  a l l  t h e   colleagues  across  all  the  schools  in  the  Trust
                                    c h a l l e n g e s  a n d   getting  together,  supporting  each  other  and

                                    achievements  of  our      building  our  capacity  to  deal  with  challenges.
                                    schools  over  the         You  have  all  demonstrated  what  a  resilient
                                    past  year.  While  in     organisation we have become.
                                    many  ways  this  has

                                    been  an  academic         I would like to take the opportunity to point all
                                    year that none of us       staff  towards  our  Flexible  Working  website
                                    ever  expected  or  and  to
         would wish to repeat, as ever, when faced with        remind  all  colleagues  that  we  welcome

         seemingly  insurmountable  issues  all  the  staff    conversations  about  flexible  working  and  will
         working  across  Athelstan  Trust  have  risen  to    try  to  find  a  way  to  accommodate  requests
         the  challenge  and  exceeded  everyone’s             where possible.
         expectations of what was possible.                    Having had the privilege of speaking to groups

         Our students are so fortunate to have such a          of our students in all our schools I want you to
         creative,  optimistic  and  professional  team  of    know that they really do know how lucky they
         staffing working together to support them and          are  and  that  they  feel  supported  and  valued.

         provide the highest quality education.                Like  all  schools  we  have  been  talking  to
                                                               students about how safe they feel from sexual
         The  past  year  has  shown  how  much  power         harassment  and  senior  staff  and  governors

         and  value  there  is  in  strong  effective  schools   have  carried  out  a  review  of  this  area.  There
         collaborating  and  helping  each  other  solve       will  be  further  staff  training  next  year  and
         problems and sharing ideas and resources. It          schools  are  re-examining  their  sex
         has  been  great  seeing  the  development  of        relationships  and  health  education

                                                                             @swr_school                                            @AvonTSA
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